19th September ~ The Day After…

Good Morning Britain!


The majority of Scotland has voted no and to stay in the Union… the Union WE created, yes folks, Scotland forged the United Kingdom, we were not invaded or taken over by England in 1707.

Scotland is not ruled or oppressed by an English government. We have our own parliament, we already have our own powers. We vote for the UK government, yeah, we do. Some seem to have forgotten about the Scots who sit in Westminster representing us.

The simple fact is that the important questions that needed answered by both sides, couldn’t be. That’s because they didn’t have the honest answers to give. There was no contingencies, no one knew the right answers to give. So the majority of the registered voters in Scotland have decided the risks of not knowing are not worth taking.

Note that I said the registered voters in Scotland and not the Scottish people? That’s because the voting population of this country are not all from here. Something a lot of people seemed to have forgotten about.

All we can do now is wait and see what happens now. The scaremongers are already predicting doom and gloom. Do you know what you are saying as fact? No, you don’t, so stop speculating and trying to stir up trouble. It’s time for us to stand together, stand proud and make sure promises are delivered. Westminster, the chosen target for most of the YES campaigners, have had a good kick up the arse because of this referendum… but Westminster is not all to blame for the way Scotland is today. Try looking a little closer to home, try looking at local government first, try questioning why the Provost of one such region is on Premiership footballer size wages. Try questioning why our councils invest our money in foreign banks and countries only to lose it all when those countries and banks go bust.

We’ll never forge ahead as a country of our own until we are ALL on the same page and all fighting for the same thing.

Now, those of you that are embarrassed, devastated, heartbroken… who yaked yer troosers doon in a public place? That’s embarrassing. Who died, who got a incurable disease? Those are devastating and heartbreaking things. Losing in a democratic vote, that’s just simply disappointing.

Scotland is better together as a nation when we all agree on the same things. It’s time we started doing that instead of blaming others. Own the problem, don’t look for a target or pass the buck!

And those of you saying you are ashamed to be Scottish… really?



September 18th

Today, the registered voters of Scotland will put an ‘X’ in a box and decide the future of the country. We will decide whether to go independent or to stay with the union.


One way or another, September 18th 2014 will be historic. Whether for the right or wrong reasons, that will remain to be seen.

Personally, I’ll be glad when it’s all over. I’ve had my fill of all the nonsense, all the bickering, all the speculation and scaremongering. When it comes down to it, whoever wins, it’ll just be another bunch of corrupt crooks running the country whilst lining their own pockets. Politicians lie for a living and take what they can get while doing it. I have no time for them and no trust in them.

A local man hit the nail on the head over the whole referendum thing. No one can give an honest answer to any question asked. That’s because no one knows the correct answer. There is no contingency in the Constitution of the United Kingdom for one of the countries that makes up the UK to go independent. And that’s mainly because the UK doesn’t have a written constitution, it’s contained within a series of written documents, statutes, court judgements, works of authority, treaties and scribbles on the back of a cigarette packet (last bit made up).

When the Scottish Government were granted permission to hold a referendum on independence, the first thing that should have happened was a cross-party committee set up at both Westminster and Holyrood to put in place what will happen should Scotland vote for independence instead of all the ifs, buts, maybes, don’t knows and utter shit we’ve heard over the last couple of years and especially in the last couple of months.

That local man said that if the questions can’t be honestly and correctly answered, then we’re in no position to be holding a referendum. He’s right, we’re not.

I will go and vote on today because I have the right to do so. And I’ll be voting with my head, not my heart. Or from being influenced by media, friends, family and people who seem to have forgotten or overlooked actual facts. And I’ll certainly not be voting from being bullied from the opinions on social media, like being called a traitor to my country whichever way I vote. I’ve done my homework, I’ve looked into things. I’ll vote for what I believe is best for my country and my two young sons. They are the ones who will inherit what I decide on today.

One thing is for certain, one thing I can honestly say and that is that I’ll wake up tomorrow morning no better or no worse off.


Caught Playing Offside ~ Sneaky Peek

Sunday 10th July

My eyes had flickered open and I rolled over to help some of the sensation flow back into my arm, as I had been lying on it for a few hours. I rubbed at my tired eyes before peaking past my clenched fist to the body beside me. Shelby had been fast asleep. I moved into a more comfortable position and tried to go back to sleep, but then I suddenly realised that Shelby was in my bed.

As the events of last night suddenly ran through my head, I contemplated whether to keep lying there, half asleep and slightly hung over or get up. During our sexual exploits last night, we had managed to finish off two bottles of red wine.  I waited a few minutes and then got up. But as I stood up, the bed shuddered enough to wake Shelby from her sleep and she began to stir as I left the room for the bathroom.

After showering, I headed back into the room just as Shelby was getting up. She stretched and got out of bed and headed for the shower. She asked me if I wanted to join her and looked a bit disappointed when I said no. I was actually feeling slightly guilty about the memories of last night flooding into my head as I got dressed.

I’ve cheated on my wife. And no matter what way I try to justify my actions to myself, I’ve done something that makes me just like my mother… and probably just like my wife. A cheat!

But for a very brief moment, as I watched her walk naked into the bathroom, seeing the little football tattoo in the small of her back and remembering licking red wine from there, I did think about joining Shelby in the shower.

As I made a coffee from the obligatory crap selection in the room this morning, my thoughts kept drifting back to last night. I thought about Shelby’s slender body writhing underneath me. I thought about my tongue exploring every inch of her smooth body and placing kisses all over that body. I thought about how she moaned in appreciation as we made love.

The more I think about last night, the guiltier I feel.

I’m feeling guilty at having cheated on April. But at the same time, I’m not feeling guilty. Part of me is glad I’ve slept with Shelby. I’m a normal red blooded guy; I have sexual needs like any other guy. DIY in the shower every now and then just doesn’t do what the feeling of being inside a woman, letting go inside a woman, can do. And I’m not getting that from my wife.

Shelby returned to the room, naked and drying her long wet, dark hair with a towel. She asked if we were going for breakfast. I took one look at her, all naked and wet and alluring and all I wanted to do was repeat what we had done last night. But at the same time I didn’t. I wanted to be as far from my hotel room as possible. Without realising it, I’ve gotten revenge on April for whatever it is that Lewis won’t tell me. And for whatever it was that Bhav Paul had been suggesting yesterday. It isn’t something I set out to do and it isn’t something I’m particularly happy about.

Well, actually that’s a lie.

I’m a little happy. In fact, more than a little. Last night with Shelby was amazing. It may just have been pure lust between us but the feeling of being with someone who wanted me, even if it was just a few hours, was amazing. I’m happy. I’m happier than I have been in a long time. That happiness will wear off, I’m certain of that. It will wear off because the thoughts of what I’ve done, feeling like I’ve cheated, are over riding last night’s pleasure.

Shelby and I went for breakfast but we didn’t mention last night, we just ate breakfast and chatted like we would have done any other morning back at the club. There were those knowing glances and smiles between us though.

I checked Twitter, no messages for me. Looks like April celebrated my birthday without me though. She was out on the town with friends.”

Copyright © Jamie Tucker Dougan 2014

Caught Playing Offside is the second part in the Shane Henderson Diary series. It’ll be out soon on Amazon for Kindle.

CPO Cover 1

Being Shane Henderson

For the last month or two, Tuesday night has been football night. Not watching it, playing it.


My Puma’s, of course!

Me and my work colleagues have a weekly “oldies vs youngsters” game of football… and I get to pretend I’m Shane Henderson, my character from Offside!: Not Everyone Plays By The Rules and the forthcoming Caught Playing Offside.

My dream when I was younger was to be a footballer. But like the young Shane in the my novel series, I wasn’t hugely encouraged. However, that didn’t put me off, I was often found in the garden, out in the street or at the local park kicking a ball around. I never claimed to be a good footballer, average at best. But I was good enough to be picked for my school and that was good enough for me. But playing for my school was short-lived. I got kicked in the knee, missed the next two games because of that and then never picked again. I was upset at the time but I’d taken up another sport which I was better at.

Over the years, I ‘ve played football for the Boys’ Brigade, with friends at the park and five/seven-a-side with former work colleagues. But other than kicking a ball around the garden with my two boys, I hadn’t played any football seriously in almost 12 years. Let me tell you, in those first few weeks, I was sore. Muscles I hadn’t really used in years felt it. But as each week has passed, the fitter I’ve become. Not that I’m unfit. Walking to and from work everyday and running after my two boys is enough to keep me in good shape.

Our Tuesday night games are nothing serious (well, for most of us – I have cuts and bruises saying otherwise) but there is a certain degree of competitiveness – the younger guys eager to show their skills and make a fool of the other team, and us older guys eager to show we are not past it and make a fool of the younger guys. But it’s all in good fun… and I for one certainly enjoy it.


No29, just like Shane!

I also have my own little cheering section in the crowd… Coop comes along to watch and act as ball-boy too. And Xandy wants to be a footballer when he is big like his dad, and have football boots like his dad… words I thought I’d never hear.

For that hour every Tuesday night, I know that I’m me… but a bit of me is also Shane Henderson, fictional football star.



Book Title & Cover Reveal

Today, I can reveal that the second part in the Shane Henderson Diary Series will be called – Caught Playing Offside

The story, written as fictional footballer Shane Henderson’s diary, will continue from where Offside! left off and will tell of his life over the year where he returns to his beloved Milton Keynes Rangers.

Here’s the cover…

CPO Cover 1


The Ice Bucket Challenge

Well folks, I’ve done my Ice Bucket Challenge as nominated by a couple of friends… and let me say this, it was refreshingly invigorating. And damn cold!

And now for my view on what’s been reported in the press and all over the nasty world of social networking…

The origin of the ice bucket challenge is unclear but one place that it gained a big focus was when players on a golf tour started challenging each other. Then one player dedicated his challenge to his cousin’s husband who’d had ALS. That player is pretty much credited with focusing the challenge on ALS research.

Last weekend in some of the UK press, MacMillan Cancer Support were pretty much accused of hijacking and stealing the Ice Bucket Challenge from the ALS Society. That in my opinion was an unfair accusation because at no point has the ALS Society claimed that they started the challenge and they need to make that very clear. They don’t own the challenge!

Personally, I think it’s up to each individual taking the challenge as to which charity they want to donate their money too. Me, well I donated to both the ALS Society and MacMillan Cancer Support. My wife donated to the Help For Heroes Military Charity.

All I can say to what I’m going to mention next is “really?”

People are complaining about the use and waste of water by those of us doing this challenge given that some Third World countries have no such water to waste. Yeah, check the social networks, you’ll see them.

Now, before I end up with a barrage of abuse, I sympathise with those poor unfortunate people of those countries that don’t have the basic amenities that we do in the UK or USA. Which is why I’m a big supporter of Sport Relief and Comic Relief which raise millions of pounds to help provide simple things that the people in power in those countries refuse to. That’s because the people in power in those countries would rather spent millions on guns and bombs and fancy houses and palaces and gold plated Mercedes cars and bling bling jewellery etc, rather than look after their own people.

So those of you who know nothing about the people you are slating for doing the ice bucket challenge need to stop judging us. You have no right to do so because like me, the rest of the ice bucketeers might be giving their support to the ‘waterless’ countries in other ways. All I ask is, are you donating to Water Aid like you suggest we do?

The Shane Henderson Diary Series ~ The Soundtrack

Ever since I began work on the Shane Henderson Diary Series in 2011 (yes, it was that long ago), several songs have inspired the story for different reasons. So much so that they’ve sort of become the soundtrack to the series.

I’m not going to give a list of reasons as to why each song features, you’ll just need to buy the first book – Offside!: Not Everyone Plays By The Rules and the upcoming second book in the series and see where the songs fit in the story.


Offside! Cover 2


David Bowie ~ Absolute Beginners

Journey ~ Don’t Stop Believing

Bruno Mars – Grenade

Bryan Adams ~ Run To You

Dario G ~ Carnaval de Paris

Christina Perri ~ Jar of Hearts

Jason Aldean ft. Kelly Clarkson – Don’t You Wanna Stay

The Script ~ Hall of Fame ft. will i am

DJ Sammy ~ Heaven

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