Au Revoir Jamie Tucker Dougan

They say that all good things must come to an end. So with that in mind, it’s time to say goodbye to Jamie Tucker Dougan… my pseudonym… my alter-ego.

My adventure as Jamie Tucker Dougan, writer and blogger, has come to an end. I’ll not bore you with the reasons why other than it’s time to move onto other things. Like spending even more time with my two boys. My youngest starts school after the summer and my oldest goes into his final year at primary school. Both important times in their young lives and I need to devote more time to them than I do to writing or blogging.

Later tonight, Jamie Tucker Dougan begins to disappear from the social network. My Twitter will close in a few days, my Facebook page goes tonight and I’ll revert back to plain old Tommy everywhere else. Though I’ll probably use my longtime nickname of Tucker.

This blog will still be here because it has daily traffic but I can’t promise that there will be many new posts on it.

Before I sign off, I have some people to thank… those who have been with me at various points on this writing and blogging adventure. I’m not going to name names, they all know how they are… like the person who inspired me not only to start blogging but gave me the push into publishing my written work. And those who have gave advice, help, listened and been a huge support these last few years. and I’d very much like to thank everyone who had read this blog or bought one on my eBooks… thanks, you all rock!

Au Revoir

Oh, by the way… this isn’t an April Fool prank!

au revoir

Page 3

For almost nearly everyday for the last 30 years, I’ve bought The Sun newspaper. I’ve bought it for three reasons…

The football coverage.

The Striker cartoon strip.

And, Page 3!

The first pin-up girl I had on my bedroom wall was a Page 3 girl. She was Sam Fox. As a 14 year-old teenager, I thought she was the most gorgeous woman on the planet and thanks to the newspaper my parents bought at the time I could get to see her as nature intended her, almost naked.

Girls on the third page of newspapers showing their boobs in the 1980’s was quite normal. It wasn’t just something exclusive to The Sun. The Daily Mirror, the Daily Record and the Daily Star all did the same. It was normal. It was part of our culture.

As it is today.

But there were those then as there is now who find that an attractive young woman showing her natural assets in a national newspaper is offensive, degrading to women, insulting to women and so on.


Well here’s a tip.

If you agree with any of the things I’ve mentioned, there is one simple solution. Don’t buy the paper. Then you won’t get your knickers in a knot worrying about what’s in it. You’ll then have time to maybe… well, open your eyes and take a look at the real problems in the world and worry about what harm that’s doing to the world we live in because a girl showing her boobs in a newspaper in un un-offensive way isn’t hurting or harming a soul!

Some people really need a reality check.

The last few days have seen The Sun not have a Page 3 girl as normal. It;s been reported that the so-called do-gooders have won and the newspaper have quietly withdrawn a part of British culture. The paper has yet to make an official statement on whether they have or not. I hope not.

Since those teenage years back in the 80’s, I’ve had a few favourite Page 3 girls, Sam Fox being the first…

Sam Fox


Then there was Gail McKenna…

gail mckenna


And Gaynor Goodman in the 90’s

gaynor goodman


My favourite Page 3 girl of all time, Keeley Hazell!

keeley hazell


And current favourites Rosie Jones and Lucy Vixen

rosie jones

lucy v



All of these girls appeared or appear on Page 3 out of choice. No one held a gun to a head and made them do it. It was their choice, it is their choice. Just like it’s my choice to buy The Sun newspaper and it’s the choice of those who don’t like naked girls flashing their boobs not to buy the paper. Sadly, those who don’t like the choice others make would rather spoil things and campaign against harmless things rather than devote time to campaigning against harmful things and things that really do matter, the real issues in this world.

2014, The Year That…

2014, The year that…

I ran a mile for Sport Relief. Grew a dodgy moustache for Movember and wore a Christmas jumper for Cash for Kids.

This year, I’ve done more for charity than ever before. Combined with my donations to Children in Need, Stand Up To Cancer, Cancer Research, Text Santa, the charities gaining from the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge, buying poppies and Help for Heroes wristbands, I’ve helped raise or donated more than £500 to good causes.



2014-03-23 10.56.42 kands 2014-12-10 09.45.04


Some say charity begins at home. For some that is certainly the case but, in my opinion, that’s a somewhat selfish attitude mostly from other people who put the cost of something they can easily do without one week before helping less fortunate.


2014, The year that…

We had a proper family holiday for the first time in a good few years. Not a few days away glamping like the previous few years but a whole week away in a hotel at the family favourite resort of Blackpool. And we enjoyed not having to cook or clean… we relaxed, well, as much as you can do with two hyper-excitable boys. And with the weather we had that week, we could easily have thought we were somewhere abroad.

2014-07-06 18.39.04 2014-07-06 19.34.56 2014-07-06 19.30.13



2014, The year that…

I published two novels. A personal achievement for someone only used to writing short stories.

Offside! and Caught Playing Offside make up the Shane Henderson Diary Series. It’s the story of a fictional professional footballer as told by himself. I first had the idea of the story a few years ago and over the space of time and a few changes, the first part was published earlier this year and the concluding part just a few months ago. Whether I have any success with it or not remains to be seen but being honest, I really don’t care. I set out to do something and went past what I initially wanted to achieve. I’m happy with that and proud of myself for doing so.

diary series

So that’s my personal highlights of 2014. I’ll tah a few blogging friends on Twitter who’ll hopefully give us theirs.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes to all my readers.

And thanks!


Knowing When To Call It A Day

There are some important things you need to be a writer… imagination, a story, patience and time. The latter, I just don’t have. Too many late nights will confirm that.

It was never my dream to be a writer and it certainly was never my intention to publish anything I’d written. Writing short stories was something I did as a hobby because I was good at it at school. After leaving school and growing older, writing became an escape from reality where I could live the life of characters I’d created in my head – mainly that of the fictional footballer in The Shane Henderson Diary Series.

Publishing some of my short stories only came about because it was suggested that I give it a go. So I did. I published two short stories I’d written a few years ago. I then fictionalised my diary account of a trip to America and published that.

Then followed something new for me, writing a novel. That was something well out of my comfort zone of writing blogs and short stories but I did it. And then I wrote another.

But writing the second novel was a struggle. A struggle finding the time to do it mainly. Unlike a few writers I know, I have a full time. I’m also a dad to two young, lively boys. And I sacrificed time I should have been spending with them to write. That’s not time I’m willing to sacrifice anymore.

After completing and publishing the second part of diary series I’d been working on, I said I was taking a break. I didn’t know if it was going to be a permanent break or not at that point. Now I do.

Jamie Tucker Dougan, the writer, is on hiatus. It will be a long one and it might just be one that I won’t come back from. Not until the only time I’m sacrificing is my own time.

Jamie Tucker Dougan, the blogger, will still be around here and there though.


Adios for now… and may the force be with you!




The first thing you think of when you mention Movember is a load of guys with dodgy looking top lip fuzz… or moustaches if you want to be proper and correct. But there’s more to it than trying to look like Burt Reynolds in his Smokey and the Bandit days or Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI.

Movember is about raising money for men’s health issues, like prostate cancer, other cancers and men’s mental health issues like depression.

This year, I’ll taking part along with a few of my work colleagues. And my motivation for doing this is because 1 in 8 men in the UK are diagnosed with a mental health disorder… and I’ve been one of them.

I’ve been lucky, I took the steps needed and been able to cope with my issues but some men are not. Many men find the stigma associated with mental health lead to feelings of shame and embarrassment, which in turn often prevents them from seeking help and taking action. The aim of Movember is to change this.

If you have a few pounds/dollars/euro to spare and would like to donate to the cause and laugh at my fuzzy top lip progress, you can visit my Movember page here ~





The End?

Having completed what has been pretty much three years work, I find myself a bit lost as what to do next because I have nothing new in the pipeline, no fresh ideas, no stories in my head waiting to be written.

The Shane Henderson Diary Series in some shape of form has been the only story in my head since the autumn of 2011. Everything I’ve written, every idea I’ve had since then has been put into the two novels that form that series. Creatively,  I’m exhausted. So, I’m going to do what I pretty much decided to do during my summer holiday, I’m stepping back from it all. I’m having a break. Whether that’s a permanent break or not, well only time will tell on that.

To be honest, the whole writing, editing, publishing, promoting thing has left me disillusioned and somewhat frustrated. Not because my books don’t sell all that well, I’m not in this for the money, but because despite the amount of books I’ve sold, I have very little feedback. I don’t know if I’m wasting my time or not. Well, my time is more important being put to other things rather than worrying about the writing world.

I’ve written and published two novels and three short stories, something I never planned to do put damn proud of myself for doing.



You can purchase my books at




“The day is finally here. The day when we tell cancer that enough is enough. The day we Stand Up for every single person whose life has been touched by cancer. It’s time for all of us to stand as one, because no matter who you are or where you come from, we all want the same thing – an end to cancer.”

I have been a supporter of various cancer charities for years. Cancer has played a big part in my life because it’s taken people close to me and my family.

My dad 41 years ago.

My step-dad last year.

My friend and neighbour last year.

My wife’s gran two years ago.

At the moment, I know of at least four people either battling or have battled cancer in the last year.

The statistics are that one in three will be affected by cancer, there are four people in my house, not hard to work that one out. Hopefully though, there will be a cure in my lifetime or the lifetime of my boys and that statistic will change. Sadly, at the moment we all know someone fighting it or have lost to it.

Tonight, Channel 4 TV in the UK will be having their “Stand Up To Cancer” night. I’ll be watching and I’ll be donating.

You can too by visiting the website

I'm standing up to cancel!

I’m standing up to cancer!