20th October

For most, October 20th is just another day in another year. For me, it holds special memories for different reasons…

                                                                                   October 20th 1973


Me and my dad

40 years ago, my dad died of cancel… a week after he had been diagnosed. He left behind a four year old son, and 17 month old son and a three month old daughter, and my mum who at the time was 26. They had been married a little over five years. No time together at all really. And for three young kids, no time at all to know their dad.

October 20th 1995

18 years ago and the day Maz and I got the keys to our first home… and still our home. A couple of times, it nearly wasn’t because of my financial ineptness. But we’re still here.

October 20th 2004

Nine years ago, our first son was born.

A few things happened on the same day in different years. Pure coincidence or what?

I’m not a religious person, I don’t believe in God, heaven and all that but someone, somewhere had plans for a date that once was filled with sadness. Someone was making sure that the date would eventually be one of happiness. I no longer feel sad on that date. It’s a happy day and someone made sure of that. The sadness I feel that my dad is not here to celebrate that day or any day, with the rest of the family is felt in the days leading to the 20th of October. I’ll shed my tears and remember my dad in private before the 20th.


My oldest son

The only tears now, if any, on the 20th are happy ones.

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4 thoughts on “20th October

  1. eirekitten says:

    20 October had a special place for me…my first wedding anniversary…1991. :)

    It no longer holds an emotion for me either way but I find it interesting we share that milestone date.

    Happy birthday to the wee one and congrats on your home. You are a good husband and father my friend. :)

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