2013, The Year That…


This was the year that…

  • I said goodbye to a good neighbour

We could not have asked for better neighbours than the ones we have. This year though, one of them left us when he lost his battle with cancer.

  • I said goodbye to my Pops

I was never particularly close to my step-dad but I was sad just the same when he also lost his battle with cancer. Sad because my mum lost another husband to the same disease… 40 years after she lost my dad, also to cancer. Too many memories brought tears.

  • I said hello to my brother

After being estranged from my little brother for 18 years, we decided that life is indeed too short and began building those bridges again.

  • I published my 4th book

Offside! A Novella Series was finally published after what seemed like years in the writing. It actually only took just over a year to write but it felt longer.

2013 hasn’t been the best year for me but I’m not going to spend time giving it a second thought. One thing I have learned from it is that an awfully lot of adults act like children and make dramas out of the pettiest of things. But if that makes them happy and gives them some sense of achievement, who am I to argue? Personally, life is too short for that sort of carry on.

All the best for 2014 readers.


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