A few weeks ago, I launched a competition on my Facebook page. I was rather skeptical about doing so after running a similar competition of my wife’s crafting making page but I went ahead anyway.

The competition is for the 500th page “like” to win a £20.00 Amazon Gift Voucher. Similar to the competition ran on my wife’s page. However, that competition was pulled after less than 24 hours when the page fell victim to spam and fake followers who troll pages hoping to win competitions. I’ll not go into the remarks and abuse received from people who took offence at the competition being pulled. Needless to say though, none of them liked the page.

One of the hardest parts of being an independent author is selling yourself, trying to get yourself noticed. Most of my self-promotion is done through Twitter and my Facebook page. So I decided to go ahead with a competition on my own page, well aware of what might happen. It didn’t. I gained three new page likes.


In a period of less than 15 hours, my page likes shot up. I gained almost 300 new likes in that short space of time.

Now, most people would be saying “woohoo” and thinking that their page had suddenly become popular. Not me. I’m skeptical about most things, especially when it comes to the internet. Things like that don’t just happen themselves, there is usually a human behind it.

So I decided to do a bit of research… and discovered that a sudden influx of likes on a Facebook page is indeed usually because of competition trolls looking for a win. Or people setting up fake accounts to do likewise. Or to spam!


The official line from Facebook is…

“Authentic identity is important to the Facebook experience, and our goal is that every account on Facebook should represent a real person. Our efforts to allow only authentic users on the site can result in a decrease in fan count of Pages with which those accounts had been associated”

And the measures they have in place for controlling this are already active on my page, the like count has been slowly decreasing throughout today.

I would still like to reach 500 page likes, not out of vanity or to beat anyone but to increase my visibility. To let people know I’m there and I have a product for sale. That product being the books I write.


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2 thoughts on “Fakebook!

  1. Carrie says:

    Really good article, but I’m confused now… Are you still doing the giveaway or it’s officially been canceled?

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